Domeq DMC8120 8kg Washing Machine ]

Brand: DOMEQ
Product Code: DMC8120
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Cotton & Pre-Wash, Cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Hand Wash, Wool, Eco-Mix, Rapid 30 minute



The Domeq washing machine has high performing wash programmes designed to meet all laundry requirements. With self-adjusting water levels to match laundry loads, you can operate programmes simply as standard or customise them with self-selected temperatures and spin speeds.



Fast IronThis option minimises creases in fabrics and enables easier ironing by gradually cooling the water throughout the rinse cycle and using delicate spin speeds.Sensitive CareA great solution for not only young children and infants, but anyone with delicate and sensitive skin.By using a larger quantity of water with an advanced drum rotation action during the rinse cycle, all traces of detergent are removed from garment fibres. Stain BlasterUsing a combination of heat and drum rotation sensors, this option will improve wash efficiency without requiring an increase in washing time or wash temperature.



Dimensions (mm)

Height 850

Width 600

Depth 500


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